Clairfield Partners Changes Name To Clairfield International

Clairfield Partners, the leading international partnership of midmarket corporate finance firms today officially announced its new name: Clairfield International. The new Clairfield International logo was also unveiled.

The occasion was a reception at The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn in London where senior partners from Clairfield offices around the world gathered with industrial and private-equity clients and colleagues from the investment banking world. Brian O’Reilly, lead economist from UBS, shared his views on the euro crisis.

The change of Clairfield Partners to Clairfield International reflects the growing recognition from clients that Clairfield operates as one integrated firm and the desire to emphasize the global outlook of the firm. This marks a further important step towards an integrated investment banking partnership with unified look, business procedures, and structures.

The new Clairfield International logo contains the company name in a specially-designed typeface set in a midnight-blue square. The logo and the name of Clairfield International are effective immediately. A newly designed website and publications will be rolled out in the second and third quarters.

Since its founding in 2004, Clairfield Partners has built a solid reputation as a worldwide partnership with local expertise. The fine-tuning of our corporate image will better communicate a unified Clairfield International brand that binds together its partner offices around the globe. This change marks less a new identity than recognition of what has been our mission since inception: to provide on-the-ground financial advice in each country while offering access to the expertise of all other partner firms.

Brian O’Hare, Director of Clairfield

The creation of the Clairfield International brand is an important step in demonstrating to our clients that we have genuine international reach. As the executive UK partner we look forward to further enhancing the Clairfield brand through increased cross-border M&A activity.

Chris Gregory, Partner

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