UK Food & Beverage M&A Activity and Valuations for H1 2019
3rd September 2019

M&A activity in the food and beverage sector has remained in-line with H2 2018, with 61 deals completed involving UK target companies. Total transaction values reached £2.3bn.

UK ICT Services M&A Activity And Valuations For H1 2019
16th August 2019

Companies looking to transform their business are increasingly looking at data to provide critical operational and strategic insights and drive business-changing initiatives. Most new digital transformation strategies will be driven by data as it can be used to understand how to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage for the business.

UK Industrials M&A Activity and Valuations for Q1 2019
3rd May 2019

The overall picture for industrial M&A activity remained broadly positive, despite the UK as a whole delivering a mixed economic and industrial performance. EEF manufacturing reports showed negative trends across a number of performance indicators, with investment, output and the export balance all showing negative growth trends.

UK Software M&A Activity And Valuations For Q1 2019
29th April 2019

The software sector continues to be defined by innovation and an ever-increasing battle to meet developing customer requirements. SaaS vendors are experiencing tightening margins as a consequence of increased competition and significantly higher cost of acquiring new customers.

UK ICT Services M&A Activity And Valuations For H2 2018
22nd February 2019

Data utilisation continues to be the main driver for the internet of things movement. Companies are desperately trying to utilise the massive quantities of data available in order to make better informed strategic decisions. While the growth in Edge computing could increase the automation of data driven decisions going forward.

UK Food & Beverage M&A Activity & Valuations For H2 2018
21st January 2019

M&A activity in the food and beverage sector remained active with 61 deals completed in the second half of 2018, the highest deal volume since 2016. This is an improvement on the deal volume in H1, demonstrating the industry’s attractiveness despite the on-going uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

UK Recruitment M&A Activity And Valuations For 2018
11th January 2019

Strong levels of M&A activity have been supported by the continued resilience of the UK recruitment sector as a whole, with the latest REC (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) report showing an 11% increase in YoY turnover to £35.7bn in 2018.

UK Software M&A Activity And Valuations For Q3 2018
14th December 2018

Large corporates are looking to integrate low-code platforms with existing offerings to improve their service portfolio. The main challenge for low-code vendors is to add new technologies, such as machine learning, to keep up with the rapid development of business applications.

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