Culture and Values

Orbis has a unique culture and working model.

We are the first corporate finance practice in the Midlands to be owned by our employees. Our ‘work together, win together’ mindset runs through everything we do, including how our business is structured.

We also create opportunities to invest in businesses through our investment vehicle, Intrinsic Equity: The Team have the opportunity to invest in deals and as a result we share the investment journey of our portfolio companies, and share the outcomes.

We are not a typical advisory business: we are entrepreneurs, advisors and investors.

We have started, grown, sold and bought our business back: we live and breathe deals having been on the inside.

We bring our commercial experience from our investment portfolio to our advisory work.


Investment in People

We are a great believer in supporting the professional and personal development of our new and existing employees. As an approved ICAEW training provider, we support employees through their ACA and Corporate Finance Diploma qualifications. Although there is no substitute for on-the-job training, we are committed to providing employees with the opportunity to develop their skill sets through professional qualifications.


Get in touch

If you want to be more than a transactional advisor, if you have entrepreneurial flair, if you think a little bit differently and if you believe that shared success outweighs individual glory, then we’d love to hear from you.

Please visit our new Clairfield UK website for further details.


Work hard, have fun, share success.

Registered in England No.9098428 Registered Office: One Eleven, Edmund St, Birmingham B3 2HJ
The statutory directors of Orbis Partners Ltd are Chris Gregory, James Grenfell, Gary Ecob and Shah Zaki.