Sontay is one of the largest UK based independent suppliers of sensors, controls and peripherals into the Building Management Services (BMS) market. The business manufactures relative humidity and temperature sensors, transmitters and other building management services peripherals. It also distributes approximately 2,000 products from 50 suppliers, including air and liquid pressure sensors, and a range of energy monitoring products.



Orbis worked closely with the chairman, investors and the management team to orchestrate the acquisition of the acquisition from the General Electric Group. Orbis invested alongside management in the business.

Specifically, Orbis:

  • Evaluated the opportunity for the chairman and investor group
  • Assisted the preparation of a three-year strategic development plan to support the acquisition
  • Developed an appropriate funding structure and approached relevant banks and alternative investors
  • Handled all negotiations including the structure of the deal
  • Chris Gregory joined the board as Non-Executive Director

For more info:

Registered in England No.9098428 Registered Office: One Eleven, Edmund St, Birmingham B3 2HJ
The statutory directors of Orbis Partners Ltd are Chris Gregory, James Grenfell, Gary Ecob and Shah Zaki.