Established in 1921 and based in Glasgow, Sangamo is an esteemed supplier of energy-saving, control and monitoring products for domestic and commercial applications. The business has a worldwide reputation for the manufacture of ultra-reliable energy saving time switches and other control products and is one of the UK’s leading energy saving manufacturers.

In 2002, Orbis worked alongside the new investor group and management team to orchestrate the acquisition of Sangamo from Actaris Plc. Orbis secured funding from Bank of Scotland as well as investing alongside management, through their investment vehicle Intrinsic Equity, at which point Chris Gregory was appointed to the board of directors.

In 2018, Orbis concluded the sale of Sangamo to Tamworth-based lighting, wiring accessories, and security products supplier, Scolmore Group in a multi-million-pound undisclosed deal. Chris Gregory had been a board member of Sangamo since Sangamo’s acquisition from Actaris Plc in 2002, and was an active part of the company up until the sale to Scolmore Group.

Sangamo has built an excellent reputation and created an extensive product range which will make an ideal fit within the Scolmore Group portfolio. The acquisition will enable Scolmore Group to bring an even more comprehensive range of products and solutions to its customers.

When Sangamo was acquired from Actaris, Orbis handled all negotiations including the structure of the acquisition. This has also been the case with Sangamo’s recent sale to Scolmore Group.

The company will continue to trade as an independent entity in all of its major functions and will seek to create strong growth over the coming years by utilising the experience and support of Scolmore. Its location in Glasgow gives us the perfect manufacturing base and regional office to service our customers all over Scotland and the north. Sangamo has been around for nearly 100 years, is a very well established and trusted brand and we are looking forward to working closely with the team to build on its success.

Gary Mordue, Managing Director


Acquisition of Sangamo from Actaris

  • Evaluated the opportunity for the new investor group
  • Working with him we produced a three-year strategic development plan to support the acquisition
  • Sourced funding from Bank of Scotland
  • Handled all negotiations including the structure of the deal
  • Appointed Chris Gregory to a board position to support the future development of the business moving forwards

Sale of Sangamo to Scolmore Group

  • Prepared detailed information presenting the key highlights of the business.
  • Identified a strong strategic buyer which maintained the standard and values of the current business.
  • Provided commercial advice on all aspects of the legal documents.
  • Helped project manage the deal to completion whilst co-ordinating all other professional advisors.
  • Negotiated on price and terms to ensure the best deal for the shareholders of Sangamo.
  • Assisted with negotiating key commercial aspects of the legal documents to ensure the successful completion of the deal.

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